Our Story

In 1998 we began to form a business, Still known today as AAA TREE SERVICE INC. What was then humble beginnings, soon grew to a prominate and recognize company. Establishing customers all over the state of Oklahoma through various methods of advertising campaigns. Video productions, yellow page ads, direct mail flyers, news paper ads, and and personal one on one campaigns. My efforts in  the companies promotion began to quickly pay off. Beginning in the Oklahoma City metro area and then spreading to a large variety of cities. Twenty one years later, we still strive to offer quality services as always. Once again, we will continue to advertise extensively,  and maintain a level of commitment and integrity that has produced literally multiple-thousands of satisfied customers.With many year of diversified experience, (ice storms, tornadoes, commercial and residential), we personally consider AAA TREE SERVICE INC. to be an asset to the Tulsa Metro area. Thanks for your consideration

REGARDS, Monty Wendling


Meet the Team

We are a family owned and operated business. We have always strived to interact with customers on a personal level if possible, as well as business. In an attempt to establish the level of trust and commitment home owners need and deserve. It is a benefit to find a service provider who will be fair, loyal, committed, and trustworthy to provide a professional service thoughtout the years. We look forward to that pleasure!

Monty Wendling

Founder & CEO  


I'm 55 years old and proud to have the ole school values that I live by. I believe in work hard, being honest and trustworthy. Being an entrepreneur most of my career, I know what customers expect from a business.

My wife Dana, is a valuable asset, preforming behind the scene, the rigorous tasks as Vice President, making this family and business all it can be. My son, is a current student, part-time employee and the very reason I work so hard.

Next Steps...

Choosing AAA tree service inc. for all your tree and landscape needs. My personal guarantee, "treating your family like mine".