21 years ago this was our first forestry truck

Here’s what you can expect from us

All we have ever known through life is hard work. Dana and myself entered the workforce at a very young age. We both grew up across the tracks, so to speak, knowing if we were to ever be successful we must make it happen. The one thing that has been our number one tool in our walk of life has been we both have “old school values”. Some things never change and i can proudly say those values are still front and center. “You do what you say and you say what you mean”,” your only as good as your word,” As we express our gratitude for your business, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them”. Honesty, integrity, respect, treating you as we would like to be treated. My primary goal with every new job or customer is Making for sure that you are satisfied and never quite until that is accomplished. You can be sure that if you employ AAA Tree Service, this is exactly what you can expect!

somethings never change

We started AAA Tree service in 1998 as a “mom and pop” opereration in the beginning. Starting a new business each new customer was of great value, because without customers you dont have a business. That is still our mindset today! We value the opprotunity to serve each new client with dignity and respect no matter what size job it is. Treating your family like our own !


21 years Later we’re still the same! We still pride in acquiring new customers. Having been an entrepreneur most of my career, i know what it takes in business to make people happy. That is simply going above and beyond on each project, no matter how large or small. The important thing is, making our customers happy!

Throughout the years of we have helped countless businesses and home owners achieve their goals. Although the work is very intense and laborsome we’ve always mange to keep a positive work enviroment, safte first policy, and let’s no forget to have a little fun while working, it’s good for moral!

Meet the gang

Write something about the people who make your business go or your philosophy behind customer service. Why? Because people want to know who they’re doing business with. It’s a human thing.

MY wife, “The Boss”

Dana wendling

CareerEducator and co-owner of AAA Tree Service

Monty Wendling

owner- operator of AAA Tree Service

Happy family, happy life

Thank you for your concideration for employing AAA Tree Service for your next project

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